Jambyl college of economics and information technology

Jambyl college of economics and information technology was founded in 1993. The college provides students with modern and professional-technical education in accordance with the approved program of the Ministry of education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan. At present college has staff 33 teachers, 52% of whom teachers of first and higher categories, 2 master degree students and 1 Outstanding Teacher of Honorary Distinction of RK College offers following programs of economics profile:



0518000-accounting and audit

374 students are studying according to programs mentioned above, 254 of them have got grants funded by regional budget, and 40 students are paid. Each year college renews and equips its physical infrastructure. The complex consists of hostel for 300 persons with furnished rooms, ballroom with 200 seats, and large dining room. College has wi-fi connection, two classes equipped with computers. Classrooms are supplied with multimedia technologies. Seven classrooms have interactive boards and OHP. Each of educational programs is provided with computer assisted instruction